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Vaporize Steamer - Big

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14 cm
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14 cm
500 pcs
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Health: Direct steam inhalation has been recommended for the treatment of colds, bronchitis/ sinusitis/ fever / arthritis / asthma / stuffy head or nose / throat irritation For soothing balmy effect / on strained muscles / sprained stiff joints. Also useful in Aroma therapy & certain Ayurvedic treatments

Beauty : Ideal for facial steam bath for clean and glowing skin to soften nails/ cuticles/ calluses and corns/ before Pedicure/ Manicure, Facial steam bath comforts skin after removal of make-up/foundation. Also useful to soften beard for smooth and clean shave.

Be prepared to tackle unwelcomed pain and other health situations using this health care kit. This kit has all that you need to stay healthy and strong. It includes a vaporizer, a hot water bag and a thermometer.

Vaporizer :
This vaporizer from Equinox not only keeps your respiratory problems at bay but also is ideal for face sauna. It has a long cord and comes with a safety switch. Simple and easy to use, this is ideal for home and travel. Bring home this vaporizer and breathe with great ease.

Digital Thermometer :
A must-have in every home, this thermometer from Vital helps check your body temperature whenever you want. Accurate and easy to use, it gives quick response. It features beep alert function and turns off automatically when not in use. It is 100% waterproof and helps store the last reading in its memory.

Hot Water Bag :
Are you troubled with PMS pain or do you have a muscle cramp? If yes, this hot water bag from Equinox is a one stop solution for all such problems. Made from premium quality rubber, it is extremely durable and leak-proof. It has a ribbed surface that prevents it from slipping away from your body. Easy and simple to use, it eliminates backache, joint pain and more.

Special Features
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for home and travel
  • Long cord with safety switch
  • Power consumption - 120 W
  • Voltage - 110 - 240 V
  • Helps to monitor the progress of your health accurately
  • Dual Scale - Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Battery can be replaced easily
  • 100% water-proof
  • Powered with faster response time
  • Beeper, memory & fever alarm
  • Auto shut-off
  • Stores last reading in its memory
  • RoHS compliant
Hot Water Bag
  • Provides heat therapy
  • Used for application of heat to a specific part of the body


What to know?

  • Thermometer is 100% waterproof
  • Hot water bag comes with a cover
  • The digital thermometer feeds last reading in its memory

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