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ACS Acupressure Kit 10 In 1 - Set Of 10

MRP : 799 / 11

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Instrument Code
38 cm
40 cm
9 cm
1000 gm
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According to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, wind chimes improve the positive energy flow in the environment, dissipating the negative vibrations resulting in a peaceful. Serens & meditative state of mind & body in tune and harmony with nature.
Wind Chimes are way of enhancing energy in your home or business establishments
Different uses of wind chimes
(1) WIND CHIMES  call attention to the gifts, you have offer to the world and can help promote career, Fame & prosperity.
(2) Alert and clear ones mind.
(3) Wind Chimes can also increase a person's intellect.
(4) Draw attention and make an impression.
(5) Adjust the flow of energy.
(6) Uplift ones energy, if any body is lazy, depressed or can't achieve anything, than hanging the wind chimes in the center of the bedroom,will be effective.
(7) It can deflect all negative energy and bring in positive energy.
The soft melodious tunes can induce peace, Relaxation & reduce Sadness, Tension and Anger. Just hang wind chime in the bronze and behold the Magic of the Vastu !

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